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The WHO reports that knee pain affects 10% to 15% of the population yearly, a problem that frequently resists conventional treatment approaches

In response to the persistent and prevalent issue of knee pain, Nivaan provides a treatment solution that is 9.3 times more effective than any conventional methods available in the country.
Try Nivaan’s integrated pain treatment approach & get relief from knee pain.

Causes of Chronic Knee Pain

Knee pain can result from multiple factors like injuries, overexertion or specific medical conditions and can severely impact your daily life. To get the best treatment for your pain, it is crucial to understand the cause of pain


A degenerative condition when the cartilage within the knee joint deteriorates, resulting in symptoms such as joint pain, stiffness, and swelling.

Ligament injuries

Injuries to the ligaments that support the knee, strains or tears in the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or the medial collateral ligament (MCL).

Meniscus tears

Rubbery cartilage discs present in the knee joint get damaged, which results in pain, swelling, and a feeling of instability.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome

Abnormal kneecap tracking, overuse or muscle imbalances are major contributors to pain around the kneecap.


Swelling of the bursae, which are tiny sacs filled with fluid that cushion the knee joint, resulting in pain and inflammation.

symptomatic osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease and other causes of knee pain
Our integrated knee pain treatment plan addresses the underlying causes of your pain and provides effective pain relief solutions.

Types of chronic knee pain & its symptoms

Anterior knee pain

This pain begins when the kneecap does not move properly and causes friction with the lower part of the thigh bone. It causes discomfort in the front and centre of your knee.


  • Difficulty climbing stairs
  • Pain from prolonged sitting

Medial knee pain

This pain occurs in the inner side of your knee. It is often associated with conditions like medial meniscus tears or collateral ligament injuries.


  • Inflammation
  • Knee stiffness and instability

Lateral knee pain

Also known as outer knee pain, the pain is felt on the outer side of your knee and is often associated with iliotibial band syndrome or lateral meniscus tears.


  • Sharp pain in a specific area
  • Swelling around your knee

Posterior knee pain

Pain is experienced in the rear of the knee, potentially resulting from conditions such as Baker’s cysts or
hamstring injuries.


  • Discomfort while walking
  • Joint inflammation or pain from movement
Want to understand Nivaan’s holistic approach to treating knee pain?

Experience holistic care at Nivaan

4 specialists in 1 consultation

Knee pain can go from a fleeting inconvenience to a stubborn pain that becomes your constant companion. The best way to beat it is by consulting the right pain specialist before the relentless pain takes over your life.
However, the present patient journey with its gaps makes it challenging to find a pain treatment tailored to your needs.
Flawed journery for knee pain treatment
With Nivaan, we aim to bridge the gaps in your pain management journey and provide a comprehensive approach with four specialists in one consultation. We address your chronic pain issues through the lens of a multidisciplinary team.
From physical therapy to knee replacement surgery - all under one roof

Holistic knee pain treatment at Nivaan

Diagnosing the underlying cause of pain and creating a tailored knee pain treatment solution requires a holistic approach. Diagnosing only the physical pain factors like injury, ligament tear, or tissue damage may not be enough to create an effective pain relief plan.

The multidisciplinary at Nivaan, comprising pain management specialists, pain therapists, physiotherapists and nutritionists, considers the Biopsychosocial approach to understand and treat your pain effectively.

Biological approach to knee pain treatment

The biological approach zeroes in on the physical causes of knee pain, addressing issues like inflammation in the knee, age-induced wear and tear, arthritis, and sudden movements that may result in injury or tumour development. As a result, you experience knee pain that can hinder your daily life, limiting your ability to perform routine tasks.

Our pain doctors conduct a thorough knee pain diagnosis and create a treatment plan that offers pain relief.

Psychological approach to knee pain treatment

The psychological approach focuses on the impact of chronic pain on your mental well-being. When performing routine activities becomes challenging due to knee pain, it builds up thoughts and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. This directly impacts your ability to perceive pain and triggers emotions of anxiety, stress and depression, exacerbating the feeling of pain.

Our pain therapists work with you to teach coping techniques to help manage your
pain better.

Social approach to knee pain treatment

The social approach addresses the lack of willingness to interact with friends & family and a regular tendency to avoid social gatherings due to the constant battle with chronic pain. Even a lack of support from family or workplace demands can intensify knee pain. On the contrary, positive interactions facilitate endogenous opiates, your body’s innate pain-relieving chemicals, leading to significant pain reduction.

Our multidisciplinary team are your partner in the pain journey, offering their support every step of the way.

We recognise that knee pain is not a physical condition alone and can be influenced by a complex interplay of biological, psychological, and social factors. Our multidisciplinary team diagnoses knee pain through the biopsychosocial lens to provide a more holistic and effective treatment that lets you lead a life without limitations..

How Does Nivaan's Multidisciplinary Team Address Your Knee Pain?

Knee pain is a prevalent chronic condition that stems from multiple factors. We have created a comprehensive approach that addresses the different underlying causes of knee pain. Our multidisciplinary team works together to offer the most effective knee pain treatment solution that caters to your pain needs. Our team comprises four super specialists with different expertise offering personalised care for treating chronic pain issues.
Total knee replacement surgery is performed by orthopedic surgeon

Pain specialist

Our pain doctors, also referred to as pain management specialists, are experts in identifying, diagnosing and treating different types of chronic pain conditions

  • Pain doctors at Nivaan lead the multidisciplinary team and perform thorough diagnosis that helps design tailored treatment plans to offer pain relief.
  • Our doctors focus on treating knee pain with minimally invasive procedures like offering safe pain medication with timely tapering or injections that provide relief and a faster healing process.
Knee osteoarthritis & knee alignment can be treated by physical therapists


Our physiotherapists work with you to design exercise programs that help address the underlying causes of knee pain

  • Based on your pain levels, the exercises and stretches are structured by our physiotherapist to target the knee’s muscles, ligaments and tendons, which helps reduce pain and improve mobility.
  • Our physiotherapist works with you to improve your postures and increase flexibility and range of motion to help reduce knee pain.
Healthcare providers recommend diet plans to lose weight


Our nutritionist will educate you about sustainable diet approaches for healthy and pain-free living.

  • Our nutritionist will work with you to create a diet plan that enhances the function of nerves and promotes bone strength.
  • We offer nutritional guidance and promote the intake of a balanced diet rich in nutrients and antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and aid the healing process.
knee pain treatment through electrical stimulation helps in reducing pain

Pain therapists

Our pain therapists focus on the importance of mental health and its significant impact on your pain conditions.

  • Our pain therapists create patient-specific treatment plans that include emotional support, stress-handling strategies, and behavioural change methods to regulate your emotions that directly impact pain perception.
  • Our approach teaches you how to relax and deal with emotions like anxiety, stress and depression that might be triggered by chronic pain.
Get knee pain relief treatment from our multidisciplinary team in Delhi.

Minimally invasive procedures for knee pain treatment at Nivaan


Ozone Injection

It is an ideal treatment if you are struggling with joint pain. This procedure involves injecting ozone gas through a small needle into the affected area to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

PRP injections are an essential treatment option if you are struggling with tissue injuries or pain. This regenerative treatment involves injecting concentrated platelets from your blood into the affected area. The purpose of this procedure is to stimulate healing and alleviate pain.


Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

RFA is a successful treatment option if you are struggling with severe knee pain. This minimally invasive procedure employs radio waves to pinpoint and destroy the nerves responsible for sending pain signals.

Hear our Happy Patients

Pooja Singh
Nivaan clinic has a very qualified team of doctors. They are good with their treatment plans, It is very effective. I got my PRP treatment done from here for my knee pain. I have experienced pain relief after months because of the treatment. Highly effective
Ravi Raman
A relative recommended this clinic to me. This a perfectly set up pain clinic that provides treatment and post-treatment care in terms of physiotherapy and dietary needs. I had a good experience. I will recommend you to visit them for any knee pain problems.
Neha Chatterjee
I took my mother to consult the pain specialist at Nivaan Care for her knee pain. We thought that surgery was the only option, but the team at Nivaan helped my mother through non-surgical methods, which was a big relief for us.
Get the most effective knee pain treatment from the top-tier care team at Nivaan

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 causes of knee pain?

Some of the most common causes of knee pain are -
  • Arthritis: Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout and post-traumatic arthritis are various types of knee arthritis that significantly contribute to knee pain.
  • Overuse: Engaging in repetitive activities may result in knee pain. Patellofemoral pain syndrome, or runner's knee, commonly causes pain around the knee cap.
  • Injury: Sudden trauma can cause injury and affect the knee joint. Some common knee injuries include Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) or Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) injury. It causes damage to the main stabilising ligaments in your knee. Bursitis is another common knee injury when fluid-filled sacs that cushion the knee joint get swollen due to an injury.
  • Knee Tumors: Knee pain may also be caused by bone tumours in the knee, such as osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, or multiple myeloma.

The multidisciplinary team at Nivaan offers a whole-person approach to treating knee pain. Our focus is to provide our patients with a pain-free life by performing minimally invasive procedures like physical therapy, pain injections, safe pain medications and counselling.

Is it OK to walk with knee pain?

Many people in the world struggle with knee pain on a daily basis. It can go from acute pain to severe chronic pain if the early pain signals are ignored. While engaging in physical activity when you are grappling with knee pain or arthritis may seem contradictory, but walking can prove to be beneficial in many ways -

  • It lubricates the joint
  • Protects your knees
  • Improves blood circulation to tissues
  • Strengthens muscles to support your knees
  • Reduces weight to alleviate strain on the knee

Please note that you must consult your pain management specialist or physiotherapist before you start any exercise routine. The intensity, duration and frequency of performing exercises may vary for each individual depending on your knee pain conditions.

What is the best doctor to see for knee pain?

The multidisciplinary team at Nivaan Care offers a holistic approach to treating knee pain. Our care team comprises a pain management specialist, pain therapist, physiotherapist and nutritionist. We diagnose and treat knee pain by looking into the biological, psychological and social impact of pain on your life. This helps create a customised treatment solution that offers successful results and faster recovery. Book an appointment with Nivaan and experience the whole-person approach to relieving pain.

Should I go to a clinic for knee pain?

Knee pain can vary from acute to chronic pain. It can become severe and hinder your daily activities. Here are some conditions when you should visit a knee pain management clinic for a knee pain diagnosis -

  • You are not able to walk normally because of the knee pain
  • The pain persists for a long time, mainly beyond a week
  • When there is inflammation in the knee, or it is misshapen
  • The knee pain keeps coming back

It is crucial that you consult with a pain specialist before the pain gets worse. The super specialists at Nivaan collaborate and create a pain management plan that provides pain relief and prevents further damage to your knee joint's muscles, ligaments and tendons.