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Integrated back pain treatment solutions in Delhi

39% of adults experience chronic back pain at least once. Despite the availability of multiple back pain treatment solutions and pain management centres, millions worldwide continue to live with this pain.

At Nivaan, we recognised this problem and created an integrated approach – with experts from multiple disciplines coming together to collaborate and design an effective back pain treatment plan.

Our integrated treatment method offers 9.3x better pain relief than all other conventional pain treatment methods available in the country.

Get relief from back pain – discover our integrated treatment plan now!

Causes of Chronic Back Pain

To create an effective back pain treatment plan, we should first understand its underlying cause. Here are some possible reasons that might trigger your chronic back pain.

Poor posture

Maintaining a poor posture is one of the most prominent causes of chronic back pain. The unnecessary stress on the muscles and ligaments in your back can cause inflammation and stiffness, leading to severe pain.

Lifting of heavy objects

You can also experience chronic back pain from overexertion, improper heavy lifting or sudden movements. These can cause muscle spasms or add too much pressure to your spinal column.

Herniated disc

Herniated or bulging discs can pressure the nerves in the spine and back. This can cause severe lower back pain if left untreated

Spinal stenosis

Narrowing of the spinal canal, referred to as spinal stenosis, results from nerve compression, which can cause severe pain and discomfort

Degenerative conditions

Osteoarthritis, disc degeneration disease, and spondylolisthesis are some degenerative conditions that can also cause severe pain

pain specialist offers muscle relaxants & pain relievers

It’s time to break free from chronic back pain with our comprehensive treatment plan. Experience the difference a holistic approach can make with Nivaan!

Types of chronic back pain & its symptoms

Lower Back Pain

Chronic low back pain is the most common type of pain, usually caused by muscle strain, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or degenerative conditions


  • Radiating leg pain from buttocks to below
  • Long term pain
  • Hinders normal activities

Middle Back Pain

Chronic low back pain is the most common type of pain, usually caused by muscle strain, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or degenerative conditions


  • Localised pain
  • Limited range of motion
  • Muscle spasms

Upper Back Pain

This upper back pain is often associated with muscle tensions, postural issues or and thoracic spine abnormalities.


  • Localised back pain
  • Tenderness
  • Back pain while sitting for longer duration

Tailbone Back Pain

It is also known as coccydynia. This back pain is a direct result of an injury, childbirth or prolonged sitting conditions.


  • Localised pain
  • Limited range of motion
  • Muscle spasms

Patient journey at Nivaan

4 specialists in 1 consultation

Dealing with chronic pain is no easy feat. Finding the right doctor and an effective
back pain treatment solution adds to the struggle.
We understand that and are here to break the cycle of doctor visits from many to one.
Your current journey as a back pain patient looks like this
With Nivaan, we bring the four in one concept. You can consult with four specialists
from different disciplinary in one consultation

Integrated Approaches to Back Pain Treatment

Role of Nivaan's Multidisciplinary Team

There is a common belief that chronic pain is usually a result of some injuries, damage to tissues or muscles, bone abnormalities, or the natural wear and tear of ageing. We recognise that these factors contribute significantly to chronic back pain but might not be the sole reason. The causes of back pain and its impact on your life can go beyond biological aspects.

The best way to understand the pain conditions is with a biopsychosocial approach undertaken by our multidisciplinary team. Super specialists from different disciplines – pain specialists, pain therapists, physiotherapists and nutritionists – collaborate to design a back pain treatment plan from a biopsychosocial lens.

Biological approach to
back pain treatment​

The biological approach considers the physical impact of chronic pain on your body. Injury, muscle or tissue damage, bone dysfunction or age-related wear & tear reflects on your physical body. This causes you to experience pain in your back. Certain back pain conditions limit mobility and compel you to avoid performing activities like playing your favourite sport or exercising.​

Our pain specialists work with you to understand and diagnose the underlying cause of your chronic back pain.

Psychological approach
to back pain treatment

The inability to engage in joyful activities can result in the buildup of emotions and feelings that may worsen your pain. Your feelings, thoughts and ways of dealing with pain significantly impact how you perceive it. The constant battle with chronic back pain can trigger depression, anxiety, and a sense of hopelessness regarding recovery, amplifying our pain receptors and increasing pain sensitivity.​

Our pain therapists will teach coping strategies to manage stress and guide you in regulating your emotions better.

Social approach to back pain treatment

The social impact of chronic back pain is reflected in the withdrawal from interactions with friends and family due to excruciating pain. Isolating yourself from social gatherings can increase stress hormones, intensifying your pain. The social approach encourages positive and supportive interactions that help release endogenous opiates, your body’s natural pain-relieving substances, offering significant pain relief.

Our multidisciplinary team values a positive environment and supports you throughout your pain journey

With the bio-psycho-social approach, our team understands the different layers of chronic pain and designs integrated treatment plans to help you cope and make your journey in pain management more manageable.

The multi-disciplinary team at Nivaan

How do we help with back pain treatment?

Back pain is a complex issue. Our holistic approach helps diagnose the underlying
causes and creates a comprehensive treatment plan.

Our multi-disciplinary team at Nivaan collaborates to offer personalised care to patients suffering from chronic back pain issues. Our team comprises four different super specialists who work to provide effective back pain treatment options.
Spinal injection treatment is administered by spine specialist

Pain specialist

Our pain doctors have undergone extensive training and are experts in evaluating, diagnosing and treating various kinds of chronic back pain

  • From developing personalised treatment plans that utilise various multidisciplinary approaches – pain specialists at Nivaan lead the multidisciplinary team and tailor pain management strategies for each individual.
  • Our pain doctors use medications and other minimally invasive procedures, such as nerve blocks and injections, to enable you to return to your everyday life more quickly.
Exercise regularly and improve your core muscles with Nivaan's physio expert


Our physiotherapists work with you to design an integrated pain relief approach using physical therapy techniques to manage chronic back pain.

  • Depending on the severity of your back pain, the physical therapy techniques are structured to help strengthen your back muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • Our physiotherapist designs exercise programs to improve your posture, increase flexibility and range of motion, and enhance the prospects of a life with minimal to no pain.
healthy weight & staying active helps to offer relief


Our nutritionist works with you to recommend necessary dietary and lifestyle changes that can influence the risk and severity of your chronic conditions.

  • Nutritional guidance is provided to you depending on your back pain conditions. The focus is on minimising inflammation, fostering healing and enhancing overall wellness.
  • Our nutritionist performs a routine checkup to evaluate your dietary habits and promptly identifies and addresses any deficiencies through appropriate modifications to your diet plan.
mental health is a possible side effect of back pain

Pain therapists

Chronic pain is not limited to physical pain. Our pain therapist understands that and utilises Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) to treat it effectively.

  • Teaching techniques such as meditation and deep breathing help manage stress, which can often exacerbate your back pain and help develop coping strategies to manage pain-related behaviours better.
  • Since stress and isolation can also aggravate pain, our pain therapists use biofeedback to teach individuals how to increase control over their body’s stress responses.
Understand how the Multidisciplinary Team at Nivaan works

Back Pain Treatment

Minimally invasive procedures at Nivaan


Lumbar Transforaminal Epidural Injection

This minimally invasive procedure involves injecting medication directly into the affected area of your spine to alleviate pain and inflammation.


Caudal Epidural

It is a minimally invasive procedure for lower back pain that involves injecting medication into the epidural space in the lower spine to alleviate pain and inflammation.


Lumbar Radiofrequency Ablation

It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses radio waves to target and destroy the nerves responsible for transmitting pain signals.


Ozone Injection

This minimally invasive procedure is used for joint pain, where ozone gas is injected into the affected area to reduce pain and inflammation


PRP (platelet-rich plasma) Injections

This regenerative procedure involves injecting concentrated platelets from your blood into the affected area to promote healing and reduce pain.

Hear our Happy Patients

Ramesh Patel
After months of dealing with lower back pain, I consulted with the pain specialist at Nivaan. The doctor worked with his team to treat my back pain without any surgery.
Nidhi Verma
Took my father to Nivaan clinic to consult the pain specialist. Dr is excellent & his team is very helpful and supportive. My father’s pain reduced notably after the PRP procedure.
Rohit Kumar
Exceptional service. Underwent epidural procedure for back pain & physiotherapy post-procedure, all at Nivaan clinic. The experience was hassle-free. Highly recommend.
Get the most effective back pain treatment from the top-tier care team at Nivaan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of physical therapy in treating chronic back pain?

Physical therapy plays a crucial role in treating chronic back pain. Our physiotherapist will work with you to design a customised exercise routine depending on your specific pain needs. We will teach you physical therapy techniques that help to improve posture and strengthen your muscles, ligaments and tendons. The aim is to provide an effective back pain treatment for pain relief.

What are the 3 common causes of back pain?

Some of the most common causes of chronic back pain are -
  • Overexertion, improper heavy lifting or sudden movements
  • Maintaining back posture
  • Herniated or bulging discs

Effective and non-invasive back pain treatment options are available at Nivaan Clinic, where our multi-disciplinary team will diagnose the underlying cause of your back pain using the biopsychosocial approach. The ultimate goal of our back pain doctor is to help treat your chronic back pain symptoms with practical measures that offer pain relief.

How to sleep with back pain?

Suffering from chronic back pain can significantly affect your sleep schedule. The back pain treatment option for this problem lies in the ideal sleeping position. 

Here are some ideal sleeping positions for people with chronic back pain issues-

  • If you are a back sleeper -  We recommend you sleep with a thin pillow or a rolled towel under your knees to maintain the natural curvature of your lower back. It relieves the pressure in the lumbar region and reduces the strain.
  • If you are a Side sleeper - We recommend using a thicker pillow that supports the head and neck and is aligned with your spine. It helps to get in the fetal position and prevents strain on the back and neck.
  • If you are a Stomach sleeper - We recommend you sleep without a pillow or use a thin pillow to prevent excessive neck arching and reduce pressure on your spine. 

What types of healthcare professionals can help manage chronic back pain?

Chronic back pain is a condition that needs a holistic approach. Our multidisciplinary team at Nivaan Care, comprising a pain management specialist, physiotherapist, pain therapist and nutritionist, offers a well-rounded diagnosis and back pain treatment. We collaborate and work together to create a customised back pain treatment plan that is effective and helps relieve pain.

What is the most common non-surgical back pain treatment option?

Non-surgical back pain treatment will include a combination of the following options depending on the severity of the back pain -

  • Relevant exercises help improve posture and strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • Safe pain medications with timely tapering
  • Interventional techniques include nerve blocks, epidural injections, radiofrequency ablation, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.
  • Pain psychology to help deal with emotional issues